Are You A Victim Of Hospital Billing Fraud?

Am I A Victim?Find Out Now

Hospital Lien Filed Against You

In order to extort hospital bill charges, your hospital will file a hospital lien against you.

Received Collection Letters For Your Hospital Bills

Often times, hospitals will send your hospital bill to a collection agency that will continue to harass you to pay up.

Credit Score Gone Down

Many times, your credit score will see an impact after a visit to the emergency room.

If you checked any one of these, you may be a victim of a hospital billing scam and not even know it. Hospitals have been grossly overcharging and illegally extorting money from their patients for years, putting hundreds of thousands of hard-working people in financial ruin with serious debt and bankruptcy.

In accordance with Texas law, you could potentially be awarded $10,000 per violation if your hospital fraudulently filed a hospital lien against you.

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