Are You A Victim Of Hospital Billing Fraud?

Am I A Victim of a Hospital Lien Scam?Find Out Now

A Hospital Lien Has Been Filed Against You

In order to extort hospital bill charges, your hospital will file a hospital lien against you. A hospital lien is a statutory lien claimed by a hospital to recover the costs of medical services. Typically, if you are in some sort of an accident such as a car crash, hospitals will file a lien to attach to your personal injury settlement in an effort to recover from the settlement that your personal injury lawyer has earned for YOU. By law, if you were only seen at the emergency room and NOT admitted into the hospital, the hospital lien DOES NOT attach. However, many hospitals tend to ignore the law and file hospital liens on unsuspecting victims.

Received Collection Letters For Your Hospital Bills

Often times, hospitals will send your hospital bill to a collection agency or a hospital lien agent that will continue to harass you to pay up. Like most victims who are caught up in this scam, many were NEVER actually admitted into the hospital, a requirement by Texas Law in order for a hospital lien to be valid. Any attempt to collect on an invalid hospital lien is AGAINST THE LAW!

Credit Score Gone Down

Many times, your credit score will see an impact after a visit to the emergency room. Having worked with hospital lien victims in the past, we can assure you that having a $20,000 hospital lien filed against you will likely SEVERELY negatively impact your credit score, affecting your ability to borrow money, open a credit card, or purchase a home or car.

If you checked any one of these, you may be a victim of a hospital billing scam and not even know it. Hospitals have been grossly overcharging and illegally extorting money from their patients for years, putting hundreds of thousands of hard-working people in financial ruin with serious debt and bankruptcy.

In accordance with Texas law, you could potentially be awarded $10,000 per violation if your hospital fraudulently filed a hospital lien against you.

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