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Health Insurance Expects Patients To Diagnose Themselves; Denies ER Visits

In yet, another startling episode outlining our broken healthcare system that is wrought with fraud committed by billion-dollar corporations, a new policy that is currently being rolled by Anthem, one of

Common Ways Hospitals and Doctors Inflate Your Hospital Bill

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It’s no secret that most hospitals are businesses, some even publically traded with stockholders to answer to who only care about making a profit on their investment. Hospitals and their

Texas Supreme Court Considers Whether Hospitals Should Reveal Costs

As reproduced by Houston Public Media: Should a hospital be required to reveal costs when a patient says their bill in unreasonable? The Texas Supreme Court is looking at a

Who Owns My Hospital? – RGV Edition

As we’ve written previously, a large amount of private hospitals are owned and operated by much larger corporations, some of which are traded publicly on the stock market. In the

Why Do Hospitals Charge So Much?

We’ve all heard these outrageous stories about how expensive hospital bills can be.

Is a Hospital a Business?

On September 19, 1994, NBC aired the pilot episode of “ER.” The show revolved around a group of ER doctors and followed a unique “fluctuating pace” formula that invited the

What Is A Hospital Lien?

Like most legal matters, a hospital lien isn’t necessarily a term most people are familiar with. Often times most people will associate a lien with property ownership, and while they

Texas Law and the Hospital Lien Scam

Having a hospital lien filed against anyone can be quite a devastating experience for many hard-working people who have just been treated for a major accident. To no fault of